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Players who are new to Blackjack often think that the object of the game are to get a points total as close to twenty one as possible. Thinking like this has led many an unsuspecting gambler into losing their entire bankroll.

The straightforward fact is the object of Blackjack isn’t to get twenty one, but to beat the dealer – and you may do that with a points total of nineteen, 15 or twelve. Like all casino games, the rules of Blackjack favor the home in the long term. Even though the home edge in Blackjack is the lowest of all casino games it still implies that the casino expects to make a global profit from Blackjack players.

Most of this will come from those attempting to get twenty one! even though it might seem that the dealer has the advantage, in certain circumstances the player has the edge. It is because you’re free to play your hands in whatever way you like. He’s to comply with a set of house rules that dictate if he Stands or takes another card.

These rules are set up to ensure the home edge in the long term, but they do not always work in the dealer’s favor in every game. The way to win with only 13 points there are not many beginners out there who’d think of standing on thirteen, as if there is something shameful about winning so low a low score.

Consider the situation: you’ve a points total of thirteen and the dealer has a five showing. You know he is going to Hit the 5 since the House rules dictate that. His next card is always going to leave him on a points total less than seventeen, so you know he will have to take another card after that.

Even when his next card was an eight, 9, ten or Ace, meaning he’d a higher total than you, he couldn’t stand – he’d have to take another card, increasing the chances of him going bust. If you think Bl Ackjack was about you getting twenty one, you’d be lured to Hit your thirteen, hoping for an eight. You could just as easily get a 9 or ten value card and go bust.

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